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What should you take with you?

We intentionally do not outline a proper list, we just recommend a few things:

  • the basic equipment a bag pack, a sleeping bag, an old cover, but in no case a suitcase or bags
  • clothes good shoes or boots and old clothes that do not mind fire sparks, extra socks, warm clothes, T-shirts etc - a reasonable amount - you can count on washing
  • equipment an old glove for cooking, a good sewing kit, hygienic necessities including the toilet paper, envelopes, stamps, an old sheet or eiderdown (loose)cover for a mattress, pallet, clothesline, a metal bowel for meals, a metal mug, spoon, knife (a clasp knife is enough), notebook, a book for a rainy afternoon, sunglasses
  • useless and unsuitable things a plastic raincoat, wellington boots (on the basis of out long-term experience), glass dishes, old and new clothes
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