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Rule of ecological bearable camping


The basic rule of camping is ahinsa, which means making no harm and can be accomplished if the participants keep to the following rules and:

  • do not kill creatures which do not mean a direct threat to people's lives or health;
  • do not pointlessly destruct any form of life by cutting or breaking tree branches, picking flowers, collecting the moss;
  • do not throw away rubbish, do not burn plastic on the fire.
  • Ahinsa of course applies to all human creatures including you yourselves

Other rules

  • an evening quiet, unless there is an evening programme, starts at 10pm while the people should not play their musical instruments or be too loud in any other different way in the camp;
  • o food should be store in the teepees;
  • using other drugs or alcohol is banned as well;
  • ecological behaviour is essential. In our camp there is not the strange thing called "rubbish hole". A very important rule of ecological camping is therefore sorting the rubbish out.
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