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Summer in the Czech Forrest

We have constantly been inspired by the idea of pure life in the pure environment among friends, going through different experiences, enjoying the warmth coming from the camp-fire and sharing ideas and decisions of children of all ages. We have been running the camp for more than three decades, which is long enough to turn some of the camp visitors into our close friends. Our activity is not connected to any particular ideology - we try to be natural, friendly and ecological. We also try to be democratic in our approach to both the children and the adults attempting not to be authoritative pretending the older the cleverer or wiser and we rather discuss things, share ideas and cooperate.

Our activities reflect a certain life-style and philosophy that is not in favour of military practices. The served food is vegetarian with lots of vegetables and wholemeal foods. All the member of the minor age are insured to permanent consequences, not to a common accident. You can get to the place from Prague by train and bus afterwards.


The common rules

  • prohibition and vegetarian food within the camp;
  • tidiness, hygiene, preserving the natural character of the place, protection of the place against fire;
  • every participant/visitor contributes to running the camp
  • everybody is welcome on the evening sticktalking (common Indian ritual);
  • every participant pays the regular amount of money for a day;
  • from 10 p.m. the place should be quiet

To run the camp successfully and smoothly there is some work to be done. The same thing applies to having good relationships with neighbors. Every day the work is distributed by the person who wants to do so and the participants can agree and ask for the work they want to do. The work is done especially in the morning and there is one free day for four working days, while both the work and the free time can be accumulated. The work includes activities such as cooking for all the people, supplying, tidying, collecting and preparing wood for cooking, work on vegetable patches, mending different camp objects, planting trees, cutting the grass etc...

children camp


Even though the place is in the area called Bohemian Forrest, the camp is situated on a meadows in the valley of a fresh pure creek. The whole place is a pure and beautiful place which is visited by many of us throughout the whole year. The camp can be visited by both girls and boys. Everybody lives in Indian teepees - traditional tents with an open fire in the middle. The place the teepees are built on is a dry, flat meadow far enough from trees that could feel dangerous in a storm. The programme we offer includes e.g. trips to the nature, playing the drums, meditation, natural sauna, sticktalking etc.

Who is the camp good for?

The camp can be attended by both the children and the adults, it depends on the programme that is offered.

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